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Carne Asada Taco


Marinated flank steak, chopped and grilled, topped with tomatillo salsa

Taco Tuesday Modifiers:Add Guacamole +$5Add Avocado +$4Add Mixed Cheese +$2.50Add Carmelized Onion +$2.50Add Bacon +$2.50Add Pineapple +$2.50No Onion No Cilantro No Yucatan Slaw
Tortilla (Select 1):Corn Flour
Tacos Options (Optional):No Onion No Cilantro No Lime Extra Lime +$0.25Add Shredded Cheese +$0.50Add Avocado Cream +$0.50Add Avocado +$1.50Add Guacamole +$2Add Creme Fraiche +$0.50Add Chipotle Mayo +$0.50Add Chipotle Horseradish +$0.50Add Caramelized Onion +$0.50Add Yucatan Slaw +$0.50Add Pickled Cucumbers +$0.50Add Pickled Red Onions +$0.50Add Pineapples +$0.50Add Bacon +$0.50
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