O'YA Cantina Story

The O'YA Cantina story is a story that has been waiting decades to be told. Year by year and country by country the ideas that are the heart of O'YA were collected. Owner and operator Dave Sadeghi has been in love with Latin cuisine flavors for as long as he can remember.

Dave has been in the restaurant business for many years, and owns and operates Town Hall Burger and Beer – which happens to be connected to O'YA – in fact they share the same patio where customers from both locations can enjoy live music.

Dave's vision for O'YA has always been about more than just creating flavorful, fresh dishes that showcase the diversity and richness of Latin American cuisine. It has also been about giving back to the community and playing an active role in the neighborhood. To that end, O'YA is proud to partner with our friends at ACES for Autism NC, a local non-profit treatment & educational center that provides doctor prescribed, evidence based therapies to children on the autism spectrum.